Know the physical and mental benefits of “green exercise”

Everyone knows that any physical activity has health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, increased self-esteem and mood enhancement. It is also well known that contact with nature has positive effects on physical and mental health. But what if you combine both, physical activity and contact with nature, will the positive outcomes be increased? Recent studies […]

Christmas arrives at Como Lake pulled by the Bikeboats

This Christmas Eve had a beautiful Christmas tour with the Bikeboats on the beautiful Lago di Como, organized by our partner in Italy WaterbikeItalia, which will soon be selling and renting the Bikeboats in Italy. The tour was announced by the Italian newspaper La Provincia. Free translation of the article: Christmas arrives at Lago di Como pulled by […]

Speed competition with the Bikeboats in Aalborg, Denmark

Last weekend had a speed competition with the Bikeboats in Aalborg, Denmark, thanks to the initiative and support of Fjordcycling. The “Nordjysk Vandcykel Championship” is part of the Aalborg Sustainability Festival and was covered by the Danish TV2Nord. Link to the complete report on TV2Nord on September,16, 2017. Free translation of the report: Nordjysk Vandcykel Championship is part of the Aalborg Sustainability Festival, where the cyclist federation […]

Testemonials from our clients

We love sharing with you the feedback we receive from our customers. Check some of them: client from Washington, USA client from Hamburg, Germany client from Thailand Enthusiastic feedback that we received from our client in Washington, USA: “Dear Izabelle. I did it!!! Last weekend I went to the Islands it’s a 45 min drive […]

Bikeboat Up is number 1 between top 5

Estamos muito felizes em anunciar que o nosso Bikeboat Up foi escolhido como o número 1 e o nosso Bikeboat Reclinado foi escolhido como o número 3 da lista das 5 Melhores Waterbikes do mercado!

Chiliboats at Lillywhites

Chiliboats at Lillywhites store (Kuwait) Bikeboat Recumbent exhibited at the store Avenues Mall, Kuwait