Chiliboats is known in 57 countries

Our waterbikes are already present in 57 countries! Check the list of countries below the globe. This number is increasing! (Updated on April 2022)   The acceptance has been fantastic! What are you waiting to order yours?  USA Germany Australia Switzerland Sweden Norway Hungary Canada,  Denmark France  Italy  Finland  Spain  Belgium  Netherlands  Japan Brazil Portugal  United Kingdom United Arab Emirates  […]

Go foiling without getting wet! Hydrofoil Water Bike da Chiliboats

High speed and performance. You can start foiling without getting wet. If you get tired, you can stop pedaling and keep floating on the catamaran. Quick to assemble and transport. Saltwater resistant. Easy, you can go foiling on your first ride! The Hydrofoil Waterbike is an innovation developed by Chiliboats, that can reaches speed close to 20 […]

Water bike with child seat

Have you thought about taking this wonderful ride with your child? Cycling safely, in contact with nature, a unique outdoor activity with your family.

140 locations worldwide renting our Water Bikes

In March of this year, we reached the mark of 140 locations in the world by renting our Water Bikes. Chiliboats Bikeboats can be found in different parts of the world. Just to name a few of these places: Australia, Sweden, France, Italy, Philippines, Bahamas, Egypt, Dubai, several cities in Brazil, etc. Visionary people with an entrepreneurial […]

How to purchase Chiliboats Water Bike

If you don’t find a dealer in your country, don’t worry, we ship worldwide via FedEx: click on green WhatsApp symbol in the bottom right corner of the website to get instructions on how to buy directly from us.