Bikeboat Up is number 1 between top 5

    We are very glad to announce that our Bikeboat Up was chosen as number oneand our Recumbent Bikeboat was chosen as number 3 of the top 5 list “Top 05 Best Portable Water Bike Can Be Taken Anywhere”.
    The selection was made by an important Youtube Channel that Explores Amazing High Tech “HIGH EYE TECH”, on August 5, 2017: check the video here

    Check below:
    “Enjoy the best view of the lake without getting wet! Compact, lightweight, non polluting and easy to assemble yourself.
    Now more than ever we are conscious of taking better care of ourselves particularly when it comes to lack of exercise. You do not have to be an athlete to ride Water Bike or Sea Cycle! This is so much fun that you hardly notice the great workout you are getting. Kind of like “free” exercise!
    05 Best Human Powered Water Bike, Portable, Easy”