Waterbike, the great hit of summer 2016!

Reporter Paula Varejão shows one more fun option to work out outdoor: the waterbike, great hit of summer 2016. Video of January 18, 2016.

Report about Supboat in Fluir Stand Up #09 magazine

”Company develops a Stand Up Paddle board inspired by a catamaran boat” – Edition #09, apr/may, 2014.

Fluir Stand Up #08 magazine

Supboat and Yousup, inovative products that fit in a bag! – Edition #08, feb/mar, 2014.

Report in Paddles – The Largest Portal about Stand Up Paddle in Brazil:

”Know the Supboat and innovate in the way of practicing Stand Up Paddle” – December 23, 2013.

Equipment Guide of Fluir Stand Up magazine:

Supboat and Yousup listed in this Equipment Guide, Special Edition #1, 2013.

“O Suplemento” online (Newsletter of the Association of Engineers of ITA)

“Iteano received from Alcoa Innovation Project of the Decade ” – June 18, 2012.

Domingão da Invenção” contest (“Domingão do Faustão” TV program, Rede Globo):

“Packboat” – exhibited on May 31, June 07 and 14, 2009.

Featured in “Diário de Santa Maria” newspaper:

“Santa-mariense competes in the final competition on TV program with his Packboat” – June 12, 2009.

Report in “A Razão” newspaper

“Santa-mariense will show his invention on TV” – May 30 and 31, 2009.

Report in “Diário de Santa Maria” newspaper

“An inventor on a TV program” – May 30 and 31, 2009.

“O Suplemento” (Newsletter of the Association of Engineers of ITA), Edition 87

“Iteano shows his invention on national television” – May/June 2009.

Cover story in Hobbylink magazine, Edition 54

“AeroDesign 2001 Competition – Mateus and Izabelle, a victorious couple in the biggest aeromodelling tournament of the Country” – November/December 2001.

Report on SP TV (Globo):

“Aerodesign – Aerolovers Team of ITA” – November 2001.

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