Report on TV Globo Pernambuco about a Bikeboat tour in Noronha

A Waterbike attracts tourists for a new activity in Fernando de Noronha. You get to ride on water in the company of some dolphins. Link:

Report on G1 about the Bikeboat ride in Noronha

Water bike tour is a new option for fun in Fernando de Noronha. The tour lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. Attraction costs R$ 170 and goes from Praia do Porto de Santo Antônio to Praia do Meio. In the morning, you might get to see dolphins. Link:

Bikeboat featured on “É de Casa” on Rede Globo TV broadcaster

The Chiliboats water bike (Bikeboat) is the trend in Rio Branco, Boa Vista. The program “É de Casa”, from Rede Globo broadcaster, presented a unique experience that is riding a Bikeboat: an activity that combines sport and leisure in the Amazon waters of Roraima. Exhibited on 03/26/2022. Link:

Chiliboats Waterbikes at the Miss World pageant

The beauties of the Miss World pageant were able to enjoy the Bikeboat ride (water bikes) in La Parguera, Puerto Rico, with our wonderful partners Caribbean Chiliboats. Shown on TV all over the world (Mach 17, 2022). Bikeboats appear at two times: at 51:35 and at 56:35. Link: