Report about a 2nd competition with Chiliboats Waterbikes on Italian newspaper “Il Mattino”

“Waterbike, what a spectacle of bicycles in the Gulf of Naples” (Waterbike, che spettacolo le bici nel golfo di Napoli) this was the headline of the Italian newspaper Ilmattino about the 2nd Waterbike Gulf of Naples Trophy that took place on October 26, 2019, last Saturday. Speed ​​competition with Chiliboats Waterbikes, Bikeboat Up model promoted by Water bike Campania. Oct, 26, 2019.

Insider Channel Report on Chiliboats Waterbike Tour in Italy

“Going On A Water Bike Tour In Italy” is an amazing video on the American TV (Insider) where two reporters show the tour in Naples with the Bikeboat Up by Chiliboats. Exhibited on Oct, 23, 2019.

“Em Tempo” team accepted the challenge of pedaling on water

Tour with Chiliboats Bikeboats. “Overcoming, adventure and fun define the challenge accepted by the team of Portal “Em Tempo” on the afternoon of Wednesday (Oct. 9) to travel 12 kilometers long from São Raimundo Port, West Zone Manaus to Ponta Negra, West Zone, on the expedition of ‘Igara Hidrobikes’ along the Rio Negro, a new sport that combines fun and leisure for the Manauaras. ” Video of October 10, 2019.

Report in Manaus newspaper “Agora” with the new ‘fever’

“Riding on the water is the ‘fever’ of the moment.” Report about the Waterbike tours offered by the company Igara Hidrobikes with Chiliboats’ Bikeboats. Report of September 30, 2019.

Report in newspaper “Em Tempo” about pedaling on the waters

“Cycling over the waters is the new option for manauaras”
Igara Hidrobike, who works at Praia Dourada in Manaus, combines health and fun in one sport. Report of  September, 29, 2019.

Report on WapaTV Puerto Rico with Bikeboats

Enjoying your adventure in Cayo Caracoles-La Parguera, Lajas, with the group “This is here” from the MECH-TECH Racing show (Wednesday / 23:30 / WapaTV). Posted on August 29, 2019.

Another report on TV Brasil showing the Bikeboats

Program “Caminhos da Reportagem” shows in this edition the various uses of the bicycle. New Routes for Mobility. The report shows that people of all ages can use it and it doesn’t require skill or balance. Exhibited on 07/31/2019.

Report on Rede Globo TV broadcaster (Amazonas Channel) with our Water Bikes

TV Program “Zappeando”, of Rede Globo TV broadcaster (Amazon Channel) presented the novelty in Manaus: Hidrobikes (water bikes). People of all ages were interviewed to tell their experience on our water bikes. The program showed a pretty good race in the end. Exhibited on July 20, 2019.

Report on Rede Globo, Brasília, DF1 TV show, with our Water Bikes

Jornal de Brasília, DF1, on program “Pedaling”: “Pedaling” presents the aquatic bike
The reporter Kenzô Machida went to Lake Paranoá to meet a different bike. It’s water bike, which arrived a month ago in Brasilia. Exhibited on Jul 18, 2019.

Report on TV Brasil showing the Bikeboats in Brasilia

“Have you heard of water-bikes?” The modality already exists in five Brazilian states and is now being presented to residents of the Federal District. In addition to winning athletes, practice has also fallen on the graces of those seeking health and fun. July, 13, 2019.

Manaus TV show showing tours with Bikeboats

“Hidrobike is an option for the kids’ holidays”
How about riding a bike in the river? Check out how to do this different tour with the kids this holiday season. Jul, 03, 2019.

Report about Chiliboats on CairoGyms Magazine

“Chiliboats| El-Gouna’s Trendy Sport Bikes This Summer”
Heading to the beach This summer? We have something new to try! A tinkered innovation that is just suitable for all age groups out there, introduced by Green Marine (our dealer in Egypt), who just happened to huddle all the sport along our coasts! Jun 05, 2019.

Report about Chiliboats on El Gouna TV

The third episode: “Chiliboats at Sail la vie”
A brief interview with our exclusive dealer in Egypt, Mohamed Fahmy.
Exhibited on June 4, 2019

What to do in Naples over the weekend?

“Cosa fare a Napoli nel week end” – Report in Italian newspaper “Il Matino TV” with tips of tours with Chiliboats Bikeboats, offered by Kayak Napoli ( Report of May 10, 2019.

Report about the Chiliboats Waterbikes on French Magazine Le-vélo-urbain

“The waterbike is a bike on the water!”
Cycling on the water now is possible thanks to the Waterbike, a lightweight bike on two floats and powered by propeller. April 22, 2019

Report about Chiliboats Waterbikes on French TV – Ushuaïa TV

Our exclusive dealer in France, AquiBikes, hosted the Ushuaïa TV team to explore Bisca Grands Lacs by water bike. Exhibited on April 14, 2019

Report on TV TeleMundo of Puerto Rico showing the Bikeboats – part 2

“Enjoy the adventure in a Chiliboats”
This is what you need to know about the little catamaran that you drive by pedaling.
Report made with our exclusive dealer Caribbean Chiliboats. Posted on March 3, 2019

Report on TV TeleMundo of Puerto Rico showing the Bikeboats – part 1

“How to turn your passion for the sea into a business”
ChiliBoats and Pura Vida Boats are looking for their customers to have a unique experience at sea. Report made with our exclusive Caribbean Chiliboats distributor. Posted on March 2, 2019.

Report on the Australian newspaper with Chiliboats Waterbikes

Newspaper THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: “Is it a bike or a boat? The latest addition to Sydney Harbour”
As tourists pause to look south past Luna Park to the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, many stop to ask (…). Photo of the printed newspaper here. January, 13, 2019

Report about Chiliboats on swedish magazine “Osterlen Magasinet”

“ÖM on different bike ride”
The magazine correspondent ÖM had the chance to test the waterbike in Gyllebosjön, a special experience. In the following spring, Seamus MacManus will rent his Chiliboats waterbikes in the south-east of Scania. Photo of the printed magazine here. November 12, 2018.

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