Bikeboat no programa É de Casa da TV Globo
Bikeboat featured on “É de Casa” on Rede Globo TV broadcaster

The Chiliboats water bike (Bikeboat) is the trend in Rio Branco, Boa Vista. The program “É de Casa”, from Rede Globo broadcaster, presented a unique experience that is riding a Bikeboat: an activity that combines sport and leisure in the Amazon waters of Roraima. Exhibited on 03/26/2022.

Chiliboats at Miss World
Chiliboats Waterbikes at the Miss World pageant

The beauties of the Miss World pageant were able to enjoy the Bikeboat ride (water bikes) in La Parguera, Puerto Rico, with our wonderful partners Caribbean Chiliboats. Shown on TV all over the world (Mach 17, 2022). Bikeboats appear at two times: at 51:35 and at 56:35.

Gabriel Medina no Bikeboat da Chiliboats
The famous surfer Gabriel Medina enjoyed our Chiliboats Waterbike

Gabriel Medina posted on his Instagram a moment of enjoyment with Chiliboats Waterbikes, on March 10, 2022. Three days later, he posted a video on Reels where he appears riding the Bikeboat in two moments, with the subtitle “What if there’s no other life? Did you live this one?”.

Passeio de Chiliboats em San Juan
A water bike tour of the San Juan Bay, Telemundo PR TV

Our partners from the company Caribbean Chiliboats offer an incredible water bike tour of the San Juan Bay, exhibited on March 6th, 2022 (Telemundo PR TV).

Chiliboats no Telemundo PR
A latin couple shares with the world the natural beauty of Puerto Rico with Chiliboats Waterbikes

A Puerto Rican couple has found their ideal job showing off the beauty of the ‘Isla del Encanto’ through tour packages where travelers can enjoy the natural attractions that Puerto Rico has to offer. Report on TV Telemundo exhibited on Feb 28, 2022.

Bikeboat no programa Roraiima 1a edição, Rede Globo
Bikeboat by Chiliboats in Jornal de Roraima, Rede Globo broadcaster

Rede Globo broadcaster, Jornal de Roraima showed the Bikeboat: a modality that combines a ride on the Rio Branco and cycling. Sport became a sensation among Roraimenses. Exhibited on 01/31/2022.

Chiliboats Waterbikes featured on Weekender TV
Chiliboats Waterbikes were featured on Weekender TV, Australia

Chiliboats water bikes, in their various models, were featured on the Australian TV show, Weekender, with presenter Chris Parsons and the Bay Island Water Sports team. Published August 28, 2021.

The Bachelor AU 2021
Chiliboats Waterbikes participate in a competition during The Bachelor Australia

The girls who compete in the program “The Bachelor” participate in a competition with Chiliboats water bikes to win some extra time with Jimmy. Published August 21, 2021.

Chiliboats at Swiss TV
Swiss TV show features a Bikeboat ride on Lake Lucerne in Ennetbürgen

Swiss TV show features a Bikeboat ride on Lake Lucerne in Ennetbürgen. Since Andreas Scheuber retired, he has traveled the world as a freelance pianist. Today he surprises his guests with a special activity. They take a bike ride together – on Lake Lucerne. Exhibited on April, 24, 2021 (Time 06:10).

Chiliboats on Australia TV 9News Perth
Chiliboats waterbikes on Australian National TV 9News Live

The reporter Scherri-Lee of the Australian TV channel 9News informed about the weather forecast while cycling on the Bikeboat (Chiliboats water bike). She loved the experience. Published on October 12, 2020.

TV Program “Em movimento” (from Rede Globo) shows the Chiliboats water bikes

TV Program “Em movimento” (TV Gazeta ES) presented the Chiliboats water bikes as an option for physical activity on water. Presented by reporter and EX-BBB 20 Gizelly Bicalho. Exhibited on September 19, 2020.

Chiliboats Waterbikes on French TV, program Bienvenue chez Nous (TF1)

The program Bienvenue chez Nous (TF1) has chosen our Chiliboats Waterbikes for leisure activity! A waterbike race on the Adour for these guest house owners! Exhibited on the 16th of September 2020.

Australian magazine with the Chiliboats Waterbikes: 10 Fun Family Adventures

Report on Australian magazine with the Chiliboats Waterbikes, 10 Fun Family Adventures section: Make outings with your loved ones a good time for all with these star attractions. Published September 2020.

Chiliboats Waterbikes on “A Gazeta” newspaper, section ZigZag

Renata Rasseli wrote in her ZigZag column of the newspaper “A Gazeta” about our water bikes. Back to working out outdoors: family working out together (on Chiliboats Water Bikes). Published on August 16, 2020.

Another Report on Rede Globo TV broadcaster (Amazonas Channel) with our Water Bikes

TV Program “Zappeando”, of Rede Globo TV broadcaster (Amazon Channel) presented our Chiliboats water bikes in a pleasant ride in Manaus. Exhibited on July 19, 2020.

bicicleta aquática da Chiliboats no SBT
TV Tribuna report (SBT) presents Bikeboats in Vitória-ES

The reporter Filipe Chicarino tried the Bikeboat (Chiliboats water bike) and approved. The report shows Chiliboats water bikes being used by children and adults, check out this report. Published on February 24, 2020.

Website of the State Secretariat for Economic Development and Tourism of Alagoas presents Chiliboats Waterbikes in Maragogi

The article presents the water bike ride in Maragogi through the beauties of Ponta de Mangue beach. The tour is carried out by Bikeboats, Chiliboats Waterbikes. Published on February 18, 2020.

A Gazeta’s report on a ride along the Vitória-ES waterfront on the Bikeboat

Incredible ride along the Vitoria shore on the Bikeboat, Chiliboats waterbike, a nautical equipment that takes the pedal practitioner to have an unusual experience. Exhibited on February, 11, 2020.

Chiliboats no programa Bachelorette
Chiliboats Waterbikes participate in the scene of The Bachelorette Australia

Chiliboats Water bikes spiced up the relationship between the couple in a beautiful place, with lots of sun and “hot” scenes. Season 5, Episode 7, published on October 29, 2019.

Report about a 2nd competition with Chiliboats Waterbikes on Italian newspaper “Il Mattino”

“Waterbike, what a spectacle of bicycles in the Gulf of Naples” (Waterbike, che spettacolo le bici nel golfo di Napoli) this was the headline of the Italian newspaper Ilmattino about the 2nd Waterbike Gulf of Naples Trophy that took place on October 26, 2019, last Saturday. Speed ​​competition with Chiliboats Waterbikes, Bikeboat Up model promoted by Water bike Campania. Oct, 26, 2019.

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