Bikeboat Rec 2018

5th generation of the Recumbent Bikeboat. In this model of water bike, we maintained the improvements implemented since 2017 in the design, finish and quality of the parts, with cstate-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, anodizing of the structure, guaranteeing an extended life and making it more resistant to corrosion and scratches.

The propulsion system continued with hydrodynamic fairing, which provides a speed increase of up to 30%. Rudder connected directly to the handlebars, which facilitates assembly and provides a robust design. In the past, our Bikeboats had the rudder in the back and we had to use control cables that demand periodic tensioning.

Since 2018, there have been changes in the propulsive system, which can not be seen since they are reinforcement in internal components. That is, the propulsive system of the 2018 model is more robust. The model 2018 propeller also improved, making the boat more efficient, faster and with an even more comfortable pedaling cadence.

The inflatable hulls since 2018 come with a cone at the ends, which protects against abrasion, impact, etc. The 2018 model uses a higher handlebar, which allows a greater range of regulation, allowing perfect regulation according to user size. We also improve the packaging, so that the parts are carefully protected, to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.

Video of Bikeboat Rec 2018

Comfortable ride on Bikeboat Rec 2018

Assembling Bikeboat Rec 2018

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