What is the advantage of the Bikeboat compared to those inflatable kits that are attachable to a bicycle?

22 de May de 2018 - Chiliboats - Categories:
  • Our Bikeboat is a complete product ready to use, you do not have to adapt a bike. In addition, there is a huge difference in quality, design and most importantly, water performance (our Bikeboat is faster).
  • Bicycles are not made with suitable material to resist corrosion, especially if the boat is used in salt water. This way, when using a bicycle under these conditions, it will undergo premature degradation in its parts. In addition, with these kits there is no possibility to reverse, which is a very important feature.
  • All components of the Bikeboat are designed for the marine environment, that is, they resist salt water, which is not the case with a land bike.
  • In addition, our inflatables are much higher than those used in these kits (which use a thinner PVC, which is lighter and cheaper, but with lower durability and durability). Our inflatable floats are manufactured with high strength nautical canvas that withstand extreme conditions. It’s the same material used on rafting boats, which are made to withstand bumps in rapids.

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