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29 de August de 2017 - Chiliboats - Categories:

We love sharing with you the feedback we receive from our customers. Check some of them:

Enthusiastic feedback that we received from our client in Washington, USA:

“Dear Izabelle.
I did it!!! Last weekend I went to the Islands it’s a 45 min drive from me. It was unbelievable fun! I felt absolutely save and I was so impressed how fast it is. I did bike miles away from the bay from Island to Island. I had inflatable safety belt my iPhone in waterproof case and the headphones. 
I’m already thinking about buying another one so somebody will joint me.
Thank you very much for everything!
All the Best!!!

Picture sent by him:

Feedback that we received from our client in Hamburgo, Germany after his short trip with the Bikeboat Up during the winter:

“Hello Izabelle,
Of course I was too curious and although it was quite cold (-5°) I assembled it and I had a short trip on the channel right in front of my house.
AWESOME!!! I couldn’t stop pedalling! Everybody was looking and stopping on the riverbanks and on bridges and were smiling and saying things like: Look, a bicycle on the water!
it will become a hot summer :-) ))
Btw.: The spray water on the floats was immediately frozen. 
You will hear from me soon (maybe with pictures – bikeboat in a snow covered landscape…)
Warmest regards”

Pictures sent by him:

Feedback that we received from our client from Thailand:

Dear Izabelle,
Thank you very much for the further information.
Every thing is ok, I have already assembled my Bikeboat and rode it in the water yesterday.
My daughter and I had so much fun with Bikeboat. We had a great experience with your product.
Best regards.”

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