Chiliboats is a success in 54 countries

Our waterbikes are already present in 54 countries! This number is increasing. The acceptance is being fantastic!

water bike with hydrofoil
Go foiling without getting wet! Hydrofoil Water Bike by Chiliboats

High speed and performance. You can start foiling without getting wet. If you get tired, you can stop pedaling and keep floating on the catamaran.

bike aquática dupla
Water bike with child seat

Have you thought about taking this wonderful ride with your child? Cycling safely, in contact with nature, a unique outdoor activity with your family.

100 locations worldwide renting our Water Bikes

Visionary people with an entrepreneurial profile realized a latent demand from people wanting to practice this water sport and decided to invest in water bikes to set up a profitable and differentiated rental business.

Eficcient propulsion system of Chiliboats Water Bikes

Video showing the efficient propulsion system of Chiliboats Water Bikes

(Português do Brasil) Valores cobrados pelo aluguel das Bicicletas Aquáticas Chiliboats

(Português do Brasil) Muitos clientes interessados em investir nas Bikes Aquáticas da Chiliboats nos perguntam qual valor que costumam cobrar de aluguel no Brasil. Alugar nossas Waterbikes pode ser um ótimo negócio e investimento! Confira.

How to purchase Chiliboats Water Bike

If you don’t find a dealer in your country, don’t worry, we ship worldwide via FedEx: click on green WhatsApp symbol in the bottom right corner of the website to get instructions on how to buy directly from us.

Chiliboats Waterbikes at Belgian Boat Show

Chiliboats Waterbikes at Belgian Boat Show from February 5 – 9, 2020, presented by the dealer from Belgium.

Chiliboats Waterbikes at Nautic Paris Show

Chiliboats Waterbikes at Nautic Paris Show, December 07-09, 2019, presented by the dealer from France (Aqui Bikes).

Chiliboats Waterbikes at Le Grand Pavois Boat Show, France

Chiliboats Waterbikes at Le Grand Pavois Boat Show in La Rochelle, France, from September 18-23, 2019, presented by the dealer from France (Aqui Bikes).

Chiliboats Waterbikes at nautical fair MEDSEA2018, Spain

Chiliboats Waterbikes at MEDSEA2018 fair from March 16-18, 2018, Alicante, Spain, presented by the dealer from Spain. MEDSEA is an International exhibition of aquatic activities.

Chiliboats Waterbike at Fiera di Padova, Italy

Chiliboats Waterbike at Fiera di Padova, Italy, February 11, 2018, presented by the dealer from Italy.

Know the physical and mental benefits of “green exercise”

Everyone knows that any physical activity has health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, increased self-esteem and mood enhancement.

Christmas arrives at Como Lake pulled by the Bikeboats

This Christmas Eve had a beautiful Christmas tour with the Bikeboats on the beautiful Lago di Como, organized by our partner in Italy WaterbikeItalia.

Speed competition with the Bikeboats in Aalborg, Denmark

Speed competition with Bikeboats at Aalborg, Denmark. Nordjysk Vandcykel Championship was covered by the Danish TV2Nord.

Testemonials from our clients

We love sharing with you the feedback we receive from our customers. Check some of them!

Bikeboat Up is number 1 between top 5

We are very glad to announce that our Bikeboat Up was chosen as number 1 and our Recumbent Bikeboat was chosen as number 3 of the top 5 Best Water Bikes on the market.

See how Bikeboat will benefit your business!

For you who already work (or intend to work) with rent of nautical products, do not miss the opportunity to acquire a unique product.

Chiliboats is already a success in many countries

Besides Brasil, Chiliboats has already exported the Bikeboats to Germany, USA, Hungary, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Kuwait, Israel and India.

Chiliboats at Lillywhites

Chiliboats Bikeboat Rec at Lillywhites store, at Avenues Mall, Kuwait.

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