Know the physical and mental benefits of “green exercise”

Everyone knows that any physical activity has health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, increased self-esteem and mood enhancement.

Chiliboats is a success in 33 countries

Our waterbikes are already present in 33 countries! This number is increasing. The acceptance is being fantastic!

Christmas arrives at Como Lake pulled by the Bikeboats

This Christmas Eve had a beautiful Christmas tour with the Bikeboats on the beautiful Lago di Como, organized by our partner in Italy WaterbikeItalia.

Speed competition with the Bikeboats in Aalborg, Denmark

Speed competition with Bikeboats at Aalborg, Denmark. Nordjysk Vandcykel Championship was covered by the Danish TV2Nord.

Testemonials from our clients

We love sharing with you the feedback we receive from our customers. Check some of them!

Bikeboat Up is number 1 between top 5

We are very glad to announce that our Bikeboat Up was chosen as number 1 and our Recumbent Bikeboat was chosen as number 3 of the top 5 Best Water Bikes on the market.

See how Bikeboat will benefit your business!

For you who already work (or intend to work) with rent of nautical products, do not miss the opportunity to acquire a unique product.

Chiliboats is already a success in many countries

Besides Brasil, Chiliboats has already exported the Bikeboats to Germany, USA, Hungary, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Kuwait, Israel and India.

Chiliboats at Lillywhites

Chiliboats Bikeboat Rec at Lillywhites store, at Avenues Mall, Kuwait.

Veja a opinião de blogueiras e jornalistas que experimentaram as nossas Waterbikes!

Veja aqui a opinião de quem experimentou as nossas Waterbikes de alta performance! 

Bikeboats 2016 available now!

Our High Performance Waterbikes 2016 are available now.

Porto Belo Stand Up Paddle Festival

A Chiliboats marcou presença no Evento Porto Belo Stand Up Paddle Festival, que aconteceu nos dias 18 e 19 de julho de 2015, na Praia Central, Porto Belo – SC.

O que é SUP YOGA?

Imagine fazer os movimentos da yoga em cima de uma prancha de Stand Up Paddle (SUP). Nesta modalidade, chamada de SUP YOGA, os movimentos são adaptados e executados sobre a prancha.

Compra com total segurança

Nosso site oferece duas opções de compra extremamente seguras. Você não precisa divulgar suas informações financeiras. Saiba mais!

Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Practice

Increasingly, the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is gaining new practitioners. The sport is ideal for crossings and lets you view the place from a new angle. Furthermore, the SUP brings benefits to the practitioner.

Boat of Chiliboats receives Innovation Award of the Decade

Portable Pedal-Powered Boat, which we call Packboat, was chosen by ALCOA as the Innovation Project of the Decade.

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